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Ledgerwise Vouchertypewise Transaction Summary
User can view all the details of party like Total Amount of - Sales, Sales Order, Purchase, Purchase Order, Payment, Receipt, Debit note, Credit Note, Delivery Note, Journals etc in one shot.
Code : 37 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)
Print Purchase Price & Sale Price in Stock Summary
This module facilitates the user to Print Purchase Price & Sale Price in Stock Summary Report. This allows the user to view Stock of the Item as well as Purchase Price & Sale Price at one screen. This helps the user to handle the Enquiry Quickly.
Code : 39 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)
Item-wise Consumption-Production Breakup Report
This module facilitates the user to view item-wise opening stock, purchases, consumption, production, sales and closing stock details in a single screen. This is helpful in Inventory & Enquiry Management.
Code : 40 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)
Print Part Number in Sales & Ledger Columnar Report
This module facilitates user to print Part No. alongwith Itemname in Sales Columnar Report, Ledger Columnar Report.
Code : 41 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)
Print Contact Details in Bill - Party-wise Report
Tally prints Bill Party Wise Outstanding but without contact details. This module gives the option of Printing Contact details in Bill Party Wise Outstanding.
Code : 44 Price : Rs. 1770   (Incl. Tax)
Closing Stock in Order Outstanding Reports
This Module facilitates a user to Print Closing Stock in all the Sales / Purchase order Outstanding reports like Stock Group, Stock Item, Group, Ledger. This is helpful to user as he is able to see Order & Closing Stock in one screen
Code : 47 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)
T-Format Ledger Report
This add-on facilitates the user to print Ledger in T-Format i.e. user can have One side Credit Entries and Other Side Debit Entries. User can print One Ledger or Group of Accounts at one shot.
Code : 55 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)
State-Wise Form Pending List
This Module helps user to print State-Wise form pending list
Code : 61 Price : Rs. 900   (Incl. Tax)